History of Competitions

The following competitions are held yearly.


Junior Pennant League              Premier competition played over 7 weeks, six players per side.

Spence Trophy                           For Junior Club Champions.

Hector Dey Trophy                     Handicap competition, one player per club.

Murray Trophy(under14)           Handicap competition 2 players per club.

Off the Tee Trophy                     Four players per club playing foursomes matchplay, KO competition.

Home Nations                            Qualifiers,  winner of League and winner of Off the Tee Trophy.

Scottish Team Championship     League runner-up


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Competition Dates for 2021.

League                             Commences May 15  final on Sunday July 03  at Royal Aberdeen GC

Off the Tee                       Various venues refer Trophies page

                                         Finals Day at Royal Aberdeen GC. on Sunday August 21 at 10.44./15.08hrs 

Hector Dey                       At  Royal Aberdeen  GC. on Sunday July 24 at 10.40hrs.

Under 14 Competition     At  Royal Aberdeen  GC. on Sunday July 25 at 10.00hrs.

Spence                             At  Royal Aberdeen  GC. Qualifying rounds on Sunday Aug 28  Ist. Round at 09.00 on Silverburn  

                                                                                                                                    2nd. Round at 13.32 on Championship

                                        Semi-final and final at  Royal Aberdeen  GC. on Sunday October 02 at 09.24 Semi-final and /14.04 \final

Convenors Outing            At  Royal Aberdeen  GC on Sunday October 02 TBA


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